Tekstvak: Invitation to join us

Taking part in “Drawing for Peace”. 
Being a teacher you and your class may take part in the competition”. “Drawing for peace 
(In Dutch TTV.) Pupils can make projects or drawings on the theme : 

Peace and Children’s Rights.
The idea about this : 
In 2014 we wish to celebrate on a worldwide scale the 25th anniversary of Children’s Rights Convention. Large expositions of the most eye-catching images about Peace and Children’s Rights will be exposed in Groningen and the Hague , City of Peace. 
In order to help you instructions on this project are already available . 

Instructions and applications. 
In these instructions you will find ideas and examples as well as tips for the techniques you may use. Such as photographs , collages ,films or drawings. 
We would welcome a great variety in creativity in this. 
Main intention is bringing up the theme Peace and Children’s Rights to your pupils and make them involved. The way in which you will succeed in making the winning drawing or else is entirely up to you. Intention is you choose one project each group and send this in. 
You may start whenever you think you are ready. 

Keep the winning subjects in your own possession until 2014 .Necessary condition it must be allowed to be exposed in Holland in 2014 . So we must know your whereabouts to be in contact. 

Sending one or other as follows. 
Take a photograph or make a description of the chosen project and send it to
All subjects sent to us shall be exposed on a special part of 

We will show the child’s name, age and country. 
In 2014 a selection will be made of the projects chosen to be part of the International Exhibition. On the site you may find further informations. 

Take care of good quality of the pictures/films you will send. 
Especially the number of pixels is important for a good quality on the site. 
450 pixels is a minimum. 
Questions or remarks can be mailed to
We will report important news as soon as possible.