Tekstvak: THE KICK OFF
There we go….
In 3 elementary schools in the North part of Drente the starting signal for the project “Drawing for Peace and Children’s Rights” from the HVB was given.
During the lessons in HVO these schools were visited by children’ author Dolf Verroen and Mrs Alie Denneboom-Meyers, a 87 year old Jewish woman who survived WW2.
They both wrote a story for our project .
The story written by Mrs Dennenboom fits within the series of (war)stories we want to collect per country .So we learn what has to be done to achieve an inner peace feeling.
Gabi Berendt shoot some photo and film recordings in the public elementary schools :
De Triangel in Nieuw Annerveen ,De Badde in Annerveensche Kanaal together with pupils from  De Springplank in Eexterveen.
Some time before the visit the pupils were educated in Children’s Rights and Peace.
The questions they had for the guests were written on large colored question marks and presented to them together with some gifts. So Dolf and Ali could study the matter at home and send the answers by mail.
Together with her grandmother one of the pupils made two beautiful pictures one of them showed a flight of birds in the air as a symbol of freedom and peace.
After handing over the gifts two couples of doves were released by the caretaker of the school. The birds flew one after the other from the basket and they formed effortlessly a magnificent swarm which flew low over us . Showing us how simple communication and cooperation can be accomplished. 
On this event the starting signal for “Drawing for Peace and Children’s Rights” had been given.