Drawing for Peace




(drawing for peace)


The importance of teaching Peace


We HVB (in Dutch Humanistisch Vredes Beraad) are convinced of the importance of teaching Peace.

Young people are the future and if ever we want a real peaceful society we have to take care of this matter.

Besides training in conflict management we organize “drawing competitions” for children and young people with “peace” as main subject.

Some 4 years ago even a school on the country sides of the Philippines took part in this.

For war and peace are not bound by borders and showing your feelings by form of drawing is quite normal.


In the Philippines the number of unemployment is high and a lot of people are living on agriculture and fishing. If the harvest is poor there will be hunger .All money as to be used for food, clothing, medication and many other necessary things. So pencils, crayons and drawing paper come on the very last place.

With some help of the HVB there was some money available for drawing material and short lessons on peace. However the enthusiasm of the young artist when their pictures were shown in The Netherlands form the greatest profit. It creates a bond.



Drawing for peace and children’s rights

The plan “drawing for peace” (TVV) is meant to make children all over the world aware of peace and cosmopolitanism by means of drawing and show them an obligation to make peace in the broadest way.( like you are signing your autograph) .

Starting from the strength of individuality we present study packets with ideas and lessons on for instance conflict management, war experience, basic law, environment and climatic changes and so on and so on. These packets are available and interchangeable for schools all over the world who gave notice .


The works of art are to be seen on the website and the project will be finished by the end of November 2014 with a final event .Such as a large exhibition of the most striking drawings etc from different countries on several locations.

Start in 2011.

Some teachers on Humanistic Education (HVO) restarted during the International Day for the Peace in Groningen (2011) .Already they made contact with schools in for instance Turkey, Togo, Denmark and Germany which together with schools in the Philippines and Uganda already have an International Appearance .

An outstanding exercise book in the Dutch language is available and several plans were made.